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Track WorkerMetropolitan Transportation Authority - Staten Island, NY
posted 30+ days ago
Job Information

Title: Track Worker*

First Date of Posting: 7/21/2021
Last Date of Filing: 8/4/2021
Authority: SIRTOA
Department: Subways
Division/Unit: MOW/Track
Reports to: Supervisor
Work Location: Various (Staten Island)
Hours of Work: Various

  • Candidates must obtain a valid CDL-B Permit within 6 months of appointment and a valid CDL-B License within one year of appointment. Failure to obtain the CDL-B license may result in termination of employment. In addition, candidates are required to pass respective examinations related to their craft, including but not limited to: Roadway Worker Protection (RWP), Book of Rules, etc. Failure to pass any examination may result in termination. Probation is for one year.


$ per hour


Staten Island Railway Track Workers, under supervision, maintain, install, inspect, test, alter and repair the track and roadway in subway and elevated service under operating conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, the maintenance installation, inspection, testing, alteration and repair of rails, frogs, switches, ties, plates and insulated joints, special work; and perform the associated adjusting tamping, welding, grinding, greasing, and cleaning, and perform related work.

Some of the physical activities performed by Staten Island Railway Track Workers and environmental conditions experienced are: working outdoors in all weather conditions; lifting and carrying heavy tools, equipment and materials; working on elevated structures up to 100 feet high; walking along the track way where tripping hazards are present; distinguishing between different colored lighted signals and flags; driving large spikes in with mauls and pulling spikes out with claw bars; and working in a noisy environment near high voltage rails and moving trains.

Education and Experience

A High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Must have the ability to understand and speak English over radio communications. A motor vehicle driver license valid in the state of New York is required.

Desired Skills

Familiar with basic machinery and operating tools, such as: snow blowers, chain saws, drills, hand tools, etc.

Selection Method

Based on evaluation of education, skills, experience and interview.
All selected candidates will be subject to a full background investigation that includes employment and education. Discrepancies may lead to dismissal.
All appointments, except for Department of Subways’ employees on MaBSTOA payroll, will be made on the NYCT payroll.

Other Information

As an employee of NYCT or MABSTOA you may be required to complete an annual financial disclosure statement with the State of New York, if your position earns more than $101, (this figure is subject to change) per year or if the position is designated as a policy maker.

Equal Employment Opportunity

MTA and its subsidiary and affiliated agencies are Equal Opportunity Employers, including with respect to veteran status and individuals with disabilities.
The MTA encourages qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities, including military service members, to apply.

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