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Celsius Opportunities*Celsius - Hoboken, NJ
posted 30+ days ago
Celsius addresses the financial needs of today’s consumers worldwide through a democratized interest income and lending platform accessible via mobile and desktop app. With a mission to put unparalleled economic freedom in the hands of the people, and a core belief that financial services should only do what is in the best interests of the community, Celsius is a modern earning and lending platform where membership provides access to curated financial services that are not available through traditional financial institutions. Crypto holders can earn yield on the digital assets in their account with Celsius, and can borrow fiat or stablecoins against their crypto collateral at the lowest interest rates in the space.

The Celsius team is committed to doing good and doing well. We believe in the power of disruption and the importance of decentralization to create a new system that acts in the best interest of everyone. Each member of our team brings something unique and innovative to the table, but the common thread that links us together is our passion for blockchain, equality, and leading the next financial revolution that changes the equation to bring power back to the people.

Every department in our organization is growing tremendously and we need more experienced people.

We have openings in all our departments within the company so that we can continue our great work and advance. We're considering anyone that can contribute to our mission and who shares similar values of our company. Knowledge and previous experience in the filed of crypto is a requirement.

If you're interested please apply via posting and someone on our team will reach out to you if your background matches what we need. We're keeping everyone that applies in our pipeline for future openings as we grow the team.

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