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Freelance Home Audio Typist/TranscriberTake 1 - New York, NY
posted 30+ days ago

Take 1 is a leading transcription company delivering accurate and affordable services to clients throughout the world. We transcribe TV programmes and are currently looking for an experienced audio typist / transcriber to offer us transcription services on a freelance/work from home basis.

As an established audio typist/transcriber you will need to have:

  • Audio typing experience
  • A minimum typing speed of 80wpm
  • Excellent spelling and grammar skills
  • An excellent command of oral and the written English language
  • Good knowledge of current affairs
  • Ability to work to deadlines and understand the importance of doing so
  • Good IT skills

This freelance audio typist / transcriber opportunity provides an enjoyable, flexible way to work from home, typing a variety of interesting audio material. Fully supported remote familiarisation of our job specifications will be given. To apply, please fill in our online form:

Please note that the work is not suited to those who do not have audio typing experience or those already in full time employment.

Job Type: Part-time

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